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FA Series Power Take Off, PTO FA62 AND FA64 SERIES PTO

Muncie's New FA62 and FA64 Series PTOs include the design features needed to power your application accessories.  Whether your chassis choice is gas or diesel, 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive.  Muncie has the greatest selection of PTO and Hydraulic System Components to maintain your

Some of the features of the FA Series are:

Electrically actuated internal wet disc clutch design.

Robust design utilizing maximum transmission PTO Torque Rating of 170 lb.ft. intermittent, 120 lb.ft. continuous.

PTO output shaft speed = 134% of engine RPM.

SAE direct mount pump adaptation, standard.

Numerous selection of direct mount hydraulic pumps providing flows from 2.6 to 30 GPM.

Optional 1-1/4" keyed output shaft for remote mounted non-hydraulic accessories (available on 4x2 only).



The Muncie SH Series PTO provides a leap in capability.  More power in a compact package.  SH is the perfect PTO for tough applications with limited space, high torque, high volume and high priority jobs.

SH Series bridges the gap between standard 6 bolt and 8 bolt PTOs.  SH has 5 internal gear ratios with torque capabilities from 325 lb.ft. up to 400 lb.ft., and is priced to give more power per dollar.  Other features also include oversized piston and high contact gear design, which provide longer life on tough applications, air shift or electric/air activation, standard 1 1/4" round output shaft or other optional SAE options.



The TG Powerflex™ PTO is the workhorse of the Muncie PTO line. The TG’s flexible design permits a wide variety of PTO/transmission applications with a simple inventory.

The TG has the speed and torque range of 10 PTOs all in one housing. It is possible to assemble PTOs that cover capacities from 33 to 54 HP @ 1000 RPM and torque from 175 to 285 lb.ft. Maximum recommended output speed is  mounting. Accommodating most transmissions is possible with more than 50 available input gears. There are output shaft options to allow direct coupling of all popular hydraulic pumps used on trucks. Shift options include cable, lever, air, electric/air, Lectra-shift, hydraulic, and constant mesh. The Muncie Powerflex™ is available in ten different speed ratios. Combine the list of options and the TG Series offers more than 100,000 different combinations - all from the same TG Series PTO.



Power Take Off - Reversible REVERSIBLE PTOS

Muncie’s reversible SAE 6 bolt PTOs are designed for heavy duty operation to drive winches and reversible product pumps. Available in units with one speed forward, one speed reverse; or two speeds forward, one speed reverse. Torque ratings (intermittent) 140 to 210 lb.ft., depending on type. Horsepower (intermittent) 26 to 40 HP, depending on type. Muncie 8 bolt reversible, designed for oil rigs, refueling pumps, cranes, etc., have a torque rating (intermittent) to 500 lb.ft., with a horsepower rating (intermittent) to 95 HP.



There are 42 different adapter gear assemblies available from Muncie Power Products to make your PTO installation fit a specific need or to allow standard PTOs to be used on various foreign transmissions. There are adapter gear assemblies to  change the direction of rotation of the output shaft, to move the output shaft location to avoid obstructions, or reach non-standard drive gear locations.