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Power Take Off

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Muncie's New FA62 and FA64 Series PTO includes the design features needed to power your application accessories.  Whether your chassis choice is gas or diesel, 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive.  Muncie has the greatest selection of PTO and Hydraulic System Components to maintain your

Some of the features of the FA Series are:

Electrically actuated internal wet disc clutch design.

Robust design utilizing maximum transmission PTO Torque Rating of 170 lb.ft. intermittent, 120 lb.ft. continuous.

PTO output shaft speed = 134% of engine RPM.

SAE direct mount pump adaptation, standard.

Numerous selection of direct mount hydraulic pumps providing flows from 2.6 to 30 GPM.

Optional 1-1/4" keyed output shaft for remote mounted non-hydraulic accessories (available on 4x2 only).


The CS6 and CS8 are designed for use on both  SAE 6 and 8 bolt automatic and manual transmissions.

Muncie’s Electric/Air PTO provides in-dash control power shifting for SAE Allison transmissions and many manual transmissions. The Clutch Shift can be hydraulically shifted on Allison, Fuller and Jatco automatic transmissions if air is not available.

8 internal ratio choices with torques to 350 lb.ft.
9 output shaft options for most hydraulic pump connections.


Allison World Transmission PTO, Power Take Offs ALLISON WORLD TRANSMISSION PTOS

Muncie is a recognized supplier of PTOs by Allison Transmission Division for their World Transmission series of automatic transmissions. These PTOs include the CD10 Series of constant mesh PTOs, the CS10 and CS20 Series of shiftable PTOs. The CD10 constantly engaged PTO and the CS10 Clutch Shift are heavy duty PTOs with 5 speed ratios and 6 output shaft configurations, including the SAE "C" and SAE "B" for direct mount pumps. The standard 1-1/4" round and 1410 Series remote drives are also available. The CD10 is rated from 310 to 400 lb.ft. and the CS10 is rated from 385 to 500 lb.ft. to handle your toughest requirements.

The CS20 Clutch Shift is available with 5 internal ratios and 7 output shaft configurations, including the SAE "B" (2 bolt or 2 & 4 bolt mounts), SAE "B-B", SAE "A", and the non-standard 4 bolt mount. The standard 1-1/4" round shaft is available for remote shaft installations. The CS20 is smaller in size for easier installations, but can handle torques from 285 to 325 lb.ft. Direct mount flanges on all series can be rotated 360 degrees, with multiple mounting locations for easier pump mounting. Clutch Shift PTOs have integral shift solenoids and are provided with complete activation and mounting kits. The CS Series is the only PTO with a patented internal drag brake to eliminate unwanted "no load" shaft rotation.


Power Take Off - Reversible REVERSIBLE PTOS

Muncie’s reversible SAE 6 bolt power take off is designed for heavy duty operation to drive winches and reversible product pumps. Available in units with one speed forward, one speed reverse; or two speeds forward, one speed reverse. Torque ratings (intermittent) 140 to 210 lb.ft., depending on type. Horsepower (intermittent) 26 to 40 HP, depending on type. Muncie 8 bolt reversible, designed for oil rigs, refueling pumps, cranes, etc., have a torque rating (intermittent) to 500 lb.ft., with a horsepower rating (intermittent) to 95 HP.



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Last modified: November 25, 2014